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Enlightening the World through Green Energy! 

There are over 7 million single family detached houses in Canada. The average household uses a total of about 1,000 kwh of electricity per month or 12,000 kwh per year. In 2007, Canadian households spent on average $1,147 on electricity and $610 on natural gas. Average Canadian household consumed 40 gigajoules of electricity and 92 gigajoules of natural gas. 

In 2013, Hyporex was founded to research and develop an innovative, clean energy technology which can serve off-grid markets through on-site power generation and heating system combined, a system to  be utilized as a substitute to on-grid electricity and piped natural gas. 

In 2018, we can say that we have developed such a technological design, an invention of commercial grade value with multiple industrial designs, as an outcome of long research and development. Our initial proof of technology for power generation was tested in Liaocheng, China in 2017 but it is not ready for public demonstration, as we have modified the whole concept to combine heat and power generation, the new system is known as m-CHP (micro-combined heat and power system). M-CHP industrial design has been completed in 3d files, electrical configuration, mechanical drawings and system operational details have been profiled.  

After a working prototype has been completed, we plan to secure orders through product demonstration and then focus on the full scale production. Hyporex has served to convert simple conceptual drawings into 3D product design and have technical capability to transform our industrial designs into a realistic, working prototype for which we hold a list of all required exclusive parts to produce a commercially viable finished product. Hyporex may also decide to issue “license to manufacture” to the industry leading manufacturers for full scale production as market demand expands to a global level. We are confident that our m-CHP prototype demonstration would inspire worldwide manufacturers to produce m-CHP in their own country as well as prospective global distributors would seek to introduce m-CHP in their local markets.

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