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In developing countries, solar is one of the best alternative energy source to grid power. With a micro-inverter attached to each 250 watts solar panel, household power can be achieved without any battery bank during solar hours. Depending on the consumer needs, batteries can be added for the ceiling fans to operate 24 hours around the clock along with the LED light bulbs (kitchen, bath, bedroom, seating room) to work on demand for up to 12 hours.

One Lipo Battery: 12.8V@100Ah = 1,280Wh
Single Solar Panel: 250W
Charge Controller: 20A
DC Ceiling Fan: One 56" 30W 100% Solar 320RPM (24 hours x 30W = 720Wh)
LED Bulbs: Four 10W each (12 hours x 40W = 480Wh)
Retail Price: US$1,000

Two Lipo Battery: 12.8V@200Ah = 2,560Wh
Two Solar Panels: 250W x 2 = 500W
Charge Controller: 40A
DC Ceiling Fans: Two 56" 30W each 100% Solar 320RPM (24 hours x 60W = 1,440Wh)
LED Bulbs: Four 20W each (12 hours x 80W = 960Wh)
Retail Price: US$2,500

All inclusive micro-solar systems can be offered at an affordable price of US$1 Per Watt including FREE delivery of the required components and the professional installation by a Certified electrician. Our batteries are long lasting over 2,000 cycles and panels have a life of up to 25 years.  

100% Solar Air Conditioner can be added to the aforementioned micro-solar systems for an additional US$1 Per watt to work 100% off-grid during solar hours without any back up battery banks. When sun is not available and during night time, air conditioner will automatically switch itself to on-grid power for uninterrupted operation. 
One Lipo Battery: 12.8V@100Ah = 1,280Wh
Single Solar Panel: 250W
Charge Controller: 20A
TV: One Brand new smart LED wifi TV Set (12 hours x 100W = 1,200Wh)
Retail Price: US$1,000
Each micro-solar consumer would receive a FREE gift, a Power Bank of 50,000mAh with 4 USB outputs to charge their cell phones:

  • 100% Brand New, High Quality
  • 4 USB output, LED Light with LED power indicator show, at any time control power.
  • Long service life, more than 800 times the charging and discharging.
  • The use of advanced intelligent protection chip, the overcharge protection, discharge protection, overload protection, short circult protection,Leakage protection and five heavy security protection.
  • The lithium-ion, long service life, more safety
  • After 72 hours again text, the product performance is stable.
  • Black Cover, the classic stylish color, never out of style


  • Capacity:  50000mAh
  • Battery Type: Lithium Battery
  • Input Voltage: DC 5V +/- 0.05
  • Output Voltage: DC 5V +/- 0.05
  • Output Current: 1A , 2A
  • Input charging time: 5-9 hours
  • Dimensions: (Apporx) 150mm x 85mm x 20mm
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