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(Micro Combined Heat & Power System)

When it comes to comfort, convenience and affordability, every consumer is seeking solutions for power (electricity) on demand, heated environment in the cold winter nights and hot shower after a long hard working day. Conventional power generators cause loud noise, smell bad, spread pollution, cost high to operate and performance is limited to standby duty. 

Micro-CHP system can use a multi-flame unit of 60,000 BTU/hour and offers a unique solution to all issues caused by the conventional power generation systems. The complete combination of 3-in-1 solution for the power, unlimited, on-demand hot water plus heating is possible. Initially, our system was designed specially for the remote area, off-grid communities in mind, small cabins, cottages or up to 2 bedroom residential consumers which can be expanded to provide up to 10 KW on demand power, hot water and heating for an average Canadian household.

Based on the historical power consumption of an average Canadian household, their electricity need is 1,000 KWh per month, M-CHP can have an initial charging capacity of up to 48 KWh per 24 hours and an output of up to 10,000 watts (20,000W Surge) of pure sine wave quality. M-CHP is a complete solution for an on-site, 100% off-grid, non-solar, power generation, heating and hot water supply to meet consumers household living requirements. With 5-years manufacturer's warranty for the components, M-CHP offers peace of mind to the end-consumers. M-CHP can not only provide power but also heating and unlimited hot water by using natural gas, propane, LPG, or LNG supplied. 

The technology would be tested for the performance and targeted for the trial-production in 2019 subject to our final CSA testing and pre-sales of at least 50 Units. Our R&D team has to focus to increase charging capacity of the built-in battery bank for an overall system capacity of up to 10 KW output.

***Technical specifications for the M-CHP are pending!

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