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In 1834, Jean Charles Athanase Peltier discovered the reverse effect, that running an electric current through the junction of two dissimilar conductors could, depending on the direction of the current, cause it to act as a heater or cooler. Thermoelectric generators are devices that convert heat (temperature differences) directly into electrical energy. 

Micro combined heat and power or micro-CHP is an extension of the idea of cogeneration to the single family home or small office building in the range up to 10 KW. Local generation has a higher efficiency as it lacks the 8-10 % energy losses when transporting electricity over long distances and the 10-15 % energy losses on long distance heat transfer due to the difference between the hot energy carrier (water) and the colder external environment. 

Hyporex combined heat and power system can replace a typical solar panel array of over 10 KW in the power generation capacity. CHP is a practical substitution to the grid into Canadian households. 

90% of the CHP system is non-mechanical and has an expected life span exceeding well over 10 years. The output power of the system can accept mixed (both resistive and inductive) loads of up to 10 Kilowatt during a peak load. An on-site power generation of up to 17,280 KWh annually. In addition to power, the system can also supply gallons of hot water for the household usage and heating.

With the addition of a hydrogen flame, the CHP system may becomes 100% stand-alone, self-sufficient and eliminate monthly recurring billing of both electricity and natural gas. Our design contains a battery bank of LifePO4 or  equivalent quality batteries that can last up to 5-years for solid performance, durability and seamless operation.     

There are 5 components in the CHP system, steam boiler, thermogen, charge controller, batteries and a pure sine wave DC-AC voltage converter or split phase inverter for constant supply of household power. After the completion of the electrical part, Hyporex would be working toward replacing natural gas or propane with the hydrogen, so the system can be 100% self-sufficient. By incorporating hydrogen into the CHP system, the system shall have the capability to address electrical power, heating and hot water needs of an average Canadian household.

The technology has already been tested for the performance and targeted for the trial-production in 2017. 

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