Hyporex Technologies Inc.

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Our History:

In 2008, during global recession, energy industry survived which caused birth of Hyporex unofficially. In addition to technical issues, several financial challenges have been encountered by small companies like ours due to limited capital availability which caused financial hardship to keep up our R&D alive. 

About Us:

Hyporex is a duly registered Company under the Federal jurisdiction of Canada's Business Corporations Act (Corporation #852968-0). Hyporex is a small self-funded group of intellectual and professional individuals, who hold a combined industrial experience of over 100 years in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, CNC machining, sand/die casting, injection molding, sales & marketing, mass production and/or manufacturing. Hyporex and its associates have successfully researched, developed and designed, unique, commercial grade products, such as off-grid power generation through alternative energy technologies.

Our Vision:

Hyporex believes in the alternative clean energy to resolve several global issues confronted by mankind on a grass-root level such as poverty, health, global warming, emission, fossil fuel reduction, higher oil cost and environmental concerns of today’s world. We intend to free consumers from the monthly recurring electrical and gas billings. Hyporex to develop 100% environment-friendly, affordable energy devices for worldwide end-consumers who are seeking alternative on-site power generation system combined with the heating and hot water.


Our Mission:

To research, design and develop alternative clean energy products (prototype) holding a commercial value for the mass production and worldwide distribution.


Prior to Hyporex being officially incorporated, its founders had been a successful manufacturer in Asia with a track record of exporting over 100 stirling engines to over 60 countries around the world included but not limited to USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UK, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Thailand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, India, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Spain, Italy, Greece, Russia, Belgium, Lebanon and Ecuador.

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