Hyporex Technologies Inc.

Enlightening the World through Green Energy! 

There are over 7 million single family detached houses in Canada. The average household uses a total of about 1,000 kwh of electricity per month or 12,000 kwh per year. In 2007, Canadian households spent on average $1,147 on electricity and $610 on natural gas. Average Canadian household consumed 40 gigajoules of electricity and 92 gigajoules of natural gas. 

Hyporex was founded to explore alternative, renewable and sustainable, green energy technologies to serve off-grid markets through on-site power generation and heating, as a substitute to grid power and natural gas.

After years of research and development, some unique and patent-able, technological inventions of commercial grade value and industrial designs have been completed and their prototypes are being prepared for the public demonstrations in Canada. In power generation, we have stirling power generator and heat to power generator. Natural gas alternatives are included but not limited to resources such as bio-fuels, bio-gas and hydrogen. 

Hyporex may issue licensing of their proprietary technologies to the industry leading manufacturers, as well as trial-to-full scale production as per market demand. Hyporex to convert simple conceptual drawings to 3D  product design, transformation of the industrial designs to a realistic and practical configuration, selection and collection of the parts, prototype development to a full scale commercial grade finished product. 

Product demonstration would conceive licensing to the manufacturers for the mass production in exchange of licensing fees and royalties of which partial proceeds would be re-invested into our in-house R&D facilities. Thus, a finished product finally would go out to the global manufacturing facilities and then through sales & marketing channels for the distribution to the end-consumers.  

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